Progress fact file 2012

– 192 buildings demolished.
– Over one million cubic metres of soil excavated to shape the Park.
– Two six kilometre underground tunnels and 200km of cabling complete to house the power-lines.
– Contractors appointed to build the ‘Big Four’ Olympic Park venues and design work well-advanced (Stadium, Aquatics, VeloPark, IBC/MPC) – all contractors are UK firms.
– Construction started on the Olympic Stadium three months early and the Aquatics Centre two months early.
– Construction is underway on the Olympic Village and utilities infrastructure.

Construction work is well underway on a new Primary Electrical Substation that will supply electricity to the 2.5sq km Olympic Park and the Stratford City development in Games time and in legacy. Piling works on the substation have now been completed with more than 200 piles driven up to 19 metres into the ground to form the foundations for the building. Work is now underway on the main structure of the building with construction due to be completed by summer 2009. Work has also started on the Energy Centre that will provide an efficient power, heating and cooling system across Olympic Park site for the Games and for the new buildings and communities that will develop after 2012.

Construction work is also underway on the permanent new bridges to be built in the Olympic Park. The work will see the construction of more than 30 new bridges in the Olympic Park to create new connections across the site and leave an open and accessible area in legacy.

– The Olympic Park site is 2.5sq km (246 hectares), equivalent in size to Hyde Park.
– The site is a complex landscape, criss-crossed by pylons, waterways and rail lines.
– It is an area of former heavy industrial use and is contaminated in parts.
– There are 8.35km of waterways within or adjacent to the Park, many of which will be restored or revitalised.

– Over 2,600 workers are now working on the Olympic Park site and at the peak of construction over 9,000 workers will be based on site.
– Nearly half of these workers live in London.
– Over one in ten workers on the Olympic Park workforce were previously unemployed before finding work helping deliver the Games and over a third of these workers live locally.
– Around 17 per cent of the total workforce live in one of the five Host Boroughs.
– There are over 90 apprentices and trainees working on site.

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