Birds nest soup

The Verti-Drain put up a winning performance at the Beijing Olympics, saving the day in the Birds Nest Stadium. Problems during the preparation of the pitch for the football final between Argentina and Nigeria were compounded by heavy rain, and pools of water formed on an over-firm surface.

Working against a tight deadline – the Ladies Javelin qualification was due to take place in the stadium the following morning in front of the world’s media – a Verti-Drain 7212 was used through the night. Its task was to aerate and soften the surface, using 12mm tines working at 80mm deep and with a 4 degree angle.

As dawn broke over the stadium it became clear that the Verti-Drain had worked its magic, allowing the historic match to take place, less than four days after the pitch had been declared unfit for play Tel 0845 458 2599

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