Powerful and environmentally friendly

Reform Werke have announced the introduction to the UK market of their compact Metrac H8 X tractor, which the company say, delivers the combination of power, productivity and reduced emissions the market is demanding.
The H8X extends the high end of the successful Metrac X-series with a powerful 81.5 hp turbo engine featuring the latest common-rail technology, a charge air cooler, diesel particulate filter and cooled exhaust gas recirculation. All this to achieve emission level 3B. With 340 Nm, the high torque, available from low revs across a wide range, delivers excellent engine output with power to spare.
Simon Richard the UK agent for the Reform range told The Landscaper, “this new top-end addition to the Metrac range is excellent news for the market. For the operator the new air conditioning system with a 25% increase in cooling capacity raises comfort levels. A new instrument cluster with an enlarged display and colour scheme ensures improved readability, especially in low light. Additional readable parameters include daily and total acre count while for night-time operations, the new search light will be of significant assistance and the right-hand shift gate is also illuminated.
A new feature for the Metrac H8 X is that PTO speeds can be switched between 540 and 1000 rpm both at the front and the rear. Safe working at up to 45 degree angles is a Metrac standard and the tried and tested four-wheel drive and crab steer function ensure stability
Options include an underbody protection plate for addition on rocky terrain. Made from 3 mm steel sheet and consisting of two halves screwed to fixed parts of the frame the plates can be affixed by one person. Three maintenance covers also provide accessibility to the engine oil pan, engine oil filter and the working hydraulic tank.”

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