Pineapple Princess Glitter

ONE OF the UK’s leading nurseries in Hereford has unveiled a new plant.
Eucomis ‘Pineapple Princess Glitter’ is new and exclusive to Wyevale Nurseries and was bred by New World Plants.
Adam Dunnett, Sales and Marketing Director, explained: “This Pineapple Lily has an exotic look but is surprisingly easy to grow, and is particularly suitable for growing in containers.
“The strong burgundy flower stem is crowned with a tuft of leaves, the dark flower buds open to a rose and cream with golden stamens, which glitter, adding a real sparkle to this impressive plant.
“The long, elegant, dark green/burgundy foliage has a lovely crinkled edge, which is reason enough to stock this plant, and the foliage does compliment the flower extremely well.
“Eucomis thrives in a sunny position, frost hardy, it will survive winters in the southern parts of the UK, but will require protection elsewhere, or if in containers moving to a sheltered position.
The RRP is £12.99.”
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