Rolawn turf grower and topsoil supplier have acquired Hallstone Developments Limited (HDL).
HDL has the necessary waste licences and environmental permits required to take in various materials which are suitable for composting and manufacturing into topsoil’s and mulches. Using these, HDL will supply Rolawn Limited with high quality composts for use in its various topsoil mixes.
Paul Dawson, Rolawn’s Managing Director told The Landscaper “This is strategically important given the increasing number of suppliers selling topsoil products which may not comply with current and future legislation. The licences have also created the opportunity for HDL to manufacture lower specification topsoil and mulches, which it will sell under the Hallstone brand to the ‘value’ sector of the marketplace. In addition, the Hallstone brand provides the vehicle to make available other products which do not fit within the Rolawn brand.”
HDL will operate as a separate company selling Hallstone branded products directly to the marketplace with Rolawn distributing an initial range of topsoil, bark mulch and play chips.

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