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Marshalls manufacturer of natural stone and concrete hard landscaping products have gained a specialist understanding of the various challenges, legal and technical that are faced in almost any hard landscaping situation because of the firms extensive market experience.
Everyday decisions such as creating a paved driveway, can have environmental consequences. Because of this, there is an increasing customer need for sustainable driveway solutions that not only work well within the local environment but also have a limited or neutral, global environmental impact. In response to this, Marshalls is working closely with the Carbon Trust and has recently put a carbon footprint value against all of its products so both installers and customers can make informed environmental choices.
In terms of local environmental impact, rainwater management is a key consideration when looking to achieve a well-balanced driveway design. Some of the options Marshalls provides include; channels and linear drainage solutions that manage the direction of rainwater, through to Permeable Paving which allows rainwater to drain through a driveway into the ground below, examples of which include Drivesett Tegula, Drivesett Argent, Driveline Priora and Grassguard.
Marshalls has an exciting range of products available in 2011, all developed with the benefit of extensive customer research. For example, it has been identified that landscapers often have to return to jobs to point-up if the weather isn’t suitable at the time. In response to this frustrating and often costly problem Marshalls has developed Weatherpoint 365, a revolutionary new brush-in patio joining material that can be laid in all weather conditions and at any time of the year. Not only does Weatherpoint 365 save time on awkward pointing jobs, it is also non-staining and long lasting when compared against traditional mortar, which make it perfect for the professional landscaper. Marshalls is also launching its Bioverse Paving System for those landscapers who find their customers are increasingly asking about more sustainable paving solutions. This product range maximises carbon absorption and becomes carbon neutral in only a few seasons. Central to the system are reduced-carbon concrete modules and a specially formulated grass seed mixture that is brushed between gaps in the modules that extends the growing season of the grass and increases carbon absorption.

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