Combat and provide solutions

Rochford Garden Machinery has announced the launch of the B3C Fuel Solutions range in the UK.
B3C Fuel Solutions LLC is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly products and solutions for ethanol and bio-fuel related problems. Rochfords will operate as the exclusive UK distributor of B3C Fuel Solutions’ core suite of products including Mechanic in A Bottle, Ethanol Shield and Diesel Mechanic in A Bottle.
“We are very excited that our UK partner, Rochford Garden Machinery, is launching the B3C line of fuel solution products,” says Brian Boezi, CEO of B3C. “The situation in the UK is becoming similar to what we are experiencing in the US, with increased levels of ethanol in fuel causing power equipment problems. Our products are designed to combat and provide solutions for ethanol and biofuel related issues.”
Increasingly, outdoor power equipment and machinery dealers have been experiencing problems related to the levels of ethanol in petrol. Most people fill petrol cans for their power equipment at the fuel pump, at the same time as they are filling their cars. The ethanol level in fuel sold in the UK is 5% (E5) but this could soon increase to 10%. Ethanol can have a devastating effect on power equipment, particularly in older engines not designed to tolerate it. Corrosive by nature and hygroscopic (attracts water) it can damage plastic and rubber fuel systems. The high amounts of oxygen in ethanol blended fuels cause petrol to decay faster, leaving varnish and sludge deposits.

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