New Workman

Toro’s latest launch is the Workman MD Series – the Workman MD and MDX.

Set to replace the existing Workman 1100 and 1200 mid-duty models, Toro says that the new MD and MDX machines offer unrivalled ride comfort as well as improved performance for the ultimate operator experience.

Both utility vehicles have a unique new coil-over shock absorber suspension concept, which sees the front suspension supported by an independent A-frame design and the rear by a swing-arm design. This not only increases operator comfort and safety while reducing user fatigue, but also improves the machines’ productivity and efficiency.

Toro has combined the MD Series’ enhanced suspension with an innovative Active In-Frame twister joint, which allows each axle to react independently to the terrain. This means that all four wheels can maintain constant contact with the ground for better traction and stability, plus less potential turf damage.
Both models also benefit from the highest total payload capacity in their class – the MD has a capacity of up to 567kgs/1,250lbs and the MDX 748kgs/1,650lbs – which means operators can get more jobs done in less time for maximum productivity. Ultra-durable plastic cargo beds ensure the machines can endure heavy loads and withstand the elements, and won’t rust or dent.

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