Instant grass

An innovative solution, to the problem of how to instantly form a structurally-reinforced high load-bearing grass-finished surface, came through the use of Integra interlocking porous paving overlaid with turf which was then mechanically compressed into the partially topsoil-filled cellular matrix using a Bomag roller

Manufactured by Source Control Systems supplied by W T Burdens and installed by Swanwick Civil Engineering during July 2008, just over 1,100 square metres of grass-filled 70 millimetres thick x 500 millimetres square UK-made Integra surface reinforcement system now complement the picturesque Port Hamble Marina, overlooking the Southampton Estuary. Specially designed with unique intercell arches, ensuring excellent lateral drainage and root growth development, the newly-laid Integra was more than capable of withstanding the considerable weight of the Bomag roller and, after some watering-in, the roots of the compressed turf have now properly penetrated the topsoil backfill to complete the desired finished effect – a somewhat unusual but highly successful procedure which overcomes the seasonality constraints normally associated with conventional grass-seeding.

Made from recycled polymers, Integra is eco-friendly both in its creation and usage. In replicating the naturally existing drainage system, this modular paving ensures excellent rainwater dispersement and, in so doing, minimises the risk of flooding while helping to protect the environment.

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(Watch out for feature on this subject The Landscaper March 009)

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