New Glasshouse………Palmstead

Palmstead latest investment is a one hectare glasshouse for the production of young plants
Over a million and a half young plants will be produced annually in this new unit, utilising the most up to date equipment and technology. With this latest investment Palmstead are moving their propagation unit forward a quantum leap of 20 years. This is their response to listening to customers and adapting to meet the changing market.
Bob Chapman, joint managing director says: ‘We needed to upgrade our old propagation house and increase the proportion of plants we raise ourselves. We want to be less reliant on other growers, become more sustainable and self sufficient. It also allows us more control over the production cycle and increases the quality of product delivered to the customer.’
Nick Coslett, marketing manager told The Landscaper : ‘This new unit represents the modern nursery, a marriage of horticultural science and technology with skilled labour. We are adapting our production to meet market demand and have increased our production of perennial plants to over a quarter of the total. The staple shrubs are still popular but people want more colour as we increase our share of the garden making sector.’
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