Wooley Pockets

A new concept in modular gardening container systems has already taken the USA by storm and is looking set to have the same impact over here.
Made from recycled materials, it is eco-friendly, flexible, contemporary and innovative, for use indoors and out. Allows people to garden at waist height, more ergonomically and make the most of any space.
Unlike any existing products, this exciting "felt pocket" system ensure optimum plant health, whilst offering garden designers, architects and commercial retail store designers a wonderful opportunity to get creative.
It is already available in a few select Garden Centres here in the UK, who have successfully partnered with Woolly Pocket and the RHS are also very keen to showcase it at their shows.
The felt-like containers are made from re-cycled plastic bottles (PVT), hence are durable, high performance and flexible, as well as being “green”.
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