Natural weed control

The control of unwanted weeds and vegetation is a perennial issue for municipalities, landscapers and green space contractors.

However, since 2011 a UK company, Weedingtech Ltd, has been developing a range of machines that not only tackles this issue, but carries it out without the use of harmful herbicides. Named the Foamstream Municipal Series, the machines use a patented low-pressure process, which combines hot water and a biodegradable foam as a form of natural weed control. The foam is made from natural plant oils and sugars making it safe for use around people, animals and delicate environments.

Within the Foamstream Municipal range, is their highest performance product, the Foamstream M1200.

The Foamstream M1200 is self-contained and powered by a Hatz 1B30 diesel engine in EU and US/Canada EPA specifications.

Commenting on the decision to select the Hatz engine, Robert Cutting, Weedingtech, After Sales Manager says: “We purchased the Hatz engines based on its’ good reputation and their customer service. During the implementation process the Hatz personnel performed in the most professional and helpful manner of company I have ever dealt with.”

“The customer service provided by Hatz GB has been exceptional. Very fast to respond and any issues we have had have been sorted out quickly. They are a really great team. We intend to keep on purchasing these Hatz engines for all of our production machines,” adds Robert.

The Hatz 1B30 is a single-cylinder air-cooled 4-stroke internal combustion diesel engine with a horizontal shaft. The engine has a direct injection fuel system and comes equipped with a recoil starter or electric starter motor. The reliability and compactness of the 1B30 makes it a popular engine, particularly with manufacturers of small plant and machinery.

The Foamstream M1200 is the larger of the two machines in the Municipal Series. It has been designed for contractors who are looking for a high performance machine that will cover large areas of open space quickly. Aside from municipalities and green space contractors, the M1200 is also used by a large number of customers in the utility, tourism, education and organic sectors.

Alternatives to traditional herbicides

Weedingtech was set up in 2011. From the outset their primary objective has been to provide organisations with a sustainable solution for the safe management of outside spaces, whilst also protecting the public and the wider environment. It now supplies many clients across four continents around the world with the technology including councils in the UK such as Hammersmith and Fulham, Lewes, Glastonbury and Vale of Glamorgan. The Foamstream Municipal Series was designed to provide an alternative solution to using traditional herbicides such as glyphosate.

Hatz diesel engines have been around since 1910. From their manufacturing base situated at Ruhstorf, Germany, Hatz produce a range of modern diesel engines from 3 to 55 kW. Their UK subsidiary, Hatz GB Limited, has its facilities centrally located in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

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