Machine expected to clean up

Pinnacle Power Equipment have taken delivery of the world’s quietest industrial duty leaf and litter vacuum in its class, the new QUIETVAC from Billy Goat.
“With noise levels as low as 97 LWa and 77dBa at full RPM, the QUIETVAC really does live up to its name,” says Pinnacle Managing Director, Ian Lobb. “The QUIETVAC can do its job in areas as diverse as hospitals, schools, parks, streets, pedestrian areas and other public places unobtrusively and with minimum impact on the local community – and that’s a tremendous environmental benefit.”
The Quietvac has a cyclonic filtration with exclusive dust sock technology which dramatically reduces dust in dry conditions, another environmental benefit. High productivity levels are ensured by the 6-blade armour plated steel fan that can reduce material by a factor of 12:1 when composting, 33” wide area coverage and 51 gallon capacity bag.
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