Spike Lights

Outdoor LEDs new Spike Lights are robust, energy efficient LED lamps fitted to a 36cm pole which can be pushed into soft ground, or fixed into concrete and other materials.
Supplied in sets of three, they can be used to create a variety of decorative lighting effects and atmospheres in hard or soft landscape forms, including gardens, water features, sculptures and ornaments, trees and plants, and buildings. They are also suitable for security and safety lighting of fences, paths, walkways and driveways.
Each LED Spike Light uses just 1 Watt from a 12 Volt AC or DC supply, produces 90 lumens of white light and has an average life equivalent to ten years of continuous use, making them an energy efficient and maintenance free solution.
The lights are housed in a robust aluminium casing protected against dust and liquid spray from all directions, and an operating temperature between -20 to + 60 degrees C, providing year round illumination.
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