Low-cost servicing

A recent survey showed that almost half of larger vans in the UK fail their MOT, which has worrying implications both for safety and maintenance costs. To help address this issue Vauxhall Commercial Vehicles is renewing its commitment to customers of both new and used vans by offering simple, low-cost ways to maintain regular servicing.
Richard Collier, National Commercial Vehicle Sales Manager General Motors UK & Ireland, said: “We understand it’s a difficult time for many of our customers so we really want to highlight that there are plans available to help with vehicle maintenance and running costs.
“It’s vitally important to keep up regular servicing, not only because of the serious safety issues that may arise, but also because failure to do so may have a negative impact on residual values.”
Vauxhall Commercial Vehicles offer a number of options to help customers combat unexpected repair bills. Service and maintenance plans for new or nearly new vans which will cover servicing and wear and tear items for a period of 3 years or 60,000 miles are available from only £32.99 per month for car derived vans and £39.99 per month for large vans.
Customers can also consider an inflation proof service plan which will cover vehicles of any age. This plan covers basic servicing costs through a monthly payment plan for no-hassle peace of mind.
Older vehicles can be covered through an extended warranty package which gives the same manufacturer warranty cover if purchased before the vehicle has reached 5 years old (OE manufacturer cover if purchased under 5 years old or 70% of the components if purchased on a vehicle over 5 years old).
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