Lifting Turf Made Easier

When it comes to renovating an area of turf, manual lifting may seem arduous and strenuous. However, with the use of sod cutter, ground can be lifted with ease.
Billy Goat has extended its range with a newly developed sod cutter to remove all the strain from lifting turf. The SC181H incorporates the hydrostatic drive with variable-speed fingertip control for both forward and reverse, new operator controls with a reinforced handle, and a new superstructure frame that is fifty per cent thicker to further reinforce the machine’s rigidity. With 50 lbs of additional steel behind it, the SC181H gives the ultimate in a smooth, stable and durable cut.
The rugged cast-iron gear box has been strengthened with spiral gears and thicker seals added to deliver outstanding strength and dependability when cutting. Manoeuvrability has also been enhanced with a rear swivel castor to help perfect curved work and making turns at the end of a pass, which locks to allow for straight cutting. It also features unique drive wheels designed to shed mud in wet conditions and intuitively grip when dry.
Billy Goat’s unique Set and Forget blade depth adjustment allows the user to easily adjust the position to save time while providing precise cutting depths. The sod cutter inserts a blade up to 2.5” deep into the grass and cuts from underneath the root to expose bare ground, then makes a horizontal cut to allow the turf to be removed in strips. Other developments include multiple oversized isolation mounts to absorb vibration, a convenient hour-counter to track servicing requirements, easy-access service doors at the front and rear, and well-vented housing to extend transmission life.
Billy Goat products are exclusively available in the UK through Henton & Chattell dealers nationwide.

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