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Pitch constructors SIS (Support In Sport) have landed a $20 million contract to design and build 15 natural grass pitches ,for the African Cup of Nations football tournament next year.
The contract was signed by SIS chief executive officer George Mullan in Luanda with COCAN (the tournament’s organising committee) and Angola’s Ministry of Public Construction.
Speaking about the contract, the SIS chief executive said the project opened up a new market for the company in Africa and particularly in Angola. Mullan spent three weeks visiting the venues and reviewing the plans with Daniel Ribeiro of GeoDesenho, a Portuguese company.
He said the company presented a unique proposal for the championships, not only to design and build, but also to maintain the pitches through the growing period and to the end of the championship.
"Rather than just build the pitches we wanted to take ownership of the pitches through to the end of the tournament, this allows COCAN to focus on the tournament without concerns over the pitches," said Mullan.
He said SIS had extensive experience in the construction and maintenance of pitches, including installing the pitch in Moscow last year for the UEFA Champions League Cup Final.
The large-scale Angola project is due to begin in May with all the pitches expected to be completed by the end of July SIS will take 22 employees to Angola to carry out the projects, split into three teams.
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