Curbing emissions

A new green kerbstone made from recycled materials is being launched that substantially reduces costs from planned wastage, damage and maintenance, while also out performing its concrete counterpart in numerous other ways.

i-plas, a company which has developed a recycled building material that is a direct replacement for concrete steel and wood is manufacturing the revolutionary kerbstone for Ezikerb, a Yorkshire-based development company with close links to an old established kerb-laying contractor.

Manufactured using i-plas recycled plastic, the Ezikerb kerbstone is more durable, resilient and weatherproof and boasts a much longer lifecycle – and it saves time and money too.

In addition, the Ezikerb is easier to install too and comprises a 6kg base and a 10kg top section, which is considerably lighter than the 70kg concrete alternative. With the weight of the base well within the limits set by HSE manual handling guidelines, operatives can lay the kerbs more than twice as fast – without needing to use lifting equipment.

In 2006, the UK house building market was responsible for the use of around 2.5 million concrete kerbstones. Millions of acres of landfill and thousands of tons of waste and emissions will be saved following the launch of a Ezikerb.

The lifespan of the new recycled plastic kerbstone is roughly double that of the concrete alternative and, once removed, can be fully recycled and re-used. Replacing 2.5 million concrete kerbstones with those made from i-plas will divert around 70,000 tons of waste per year away from landfill.
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