Rewarding innovation

Swiss-based Lubera was awarded the Innovation Prize at the annual business conference at Kibernetik AG site in Buchs in Switzerland on 27 October.
Innovative entrepreneurship in the Werdenberg region was honoured at theĀ  conference, and the seven-member jury awarded the Innovation Prize to Lubera for two main reasons: Lubera grows up to 15 new plant varieties annually, and the company’s marketing strategy.
‘Lubera actually generates innovations in a fixed process and has to maintain them for years before it can present these to the customer as a product,’ says Lothar Ritter, one of the judges.
‘Lubera is not only innovative through plant breeding, but also through sales strategy and marketing. Lubera has built up an online shop with successful growth rates. With simple video clips about his plants and gardening in general, Markus Kobelt has become a YouTube star for gardening enthusiasts. The advice and the customer service in this way is unique.’
Markus Kobelt, Lubera Managing Director, collected the prize for the company.




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