Homologated ahead of time ……Timberwolf

With the legislation becoming mandatory from 29th October 2012 for all Road Tow machines and vehicles, Timberwolf have taken the proactive step of becoming homologated ahead of schedule so that purchasers can be assured that conformity has
already been achieved.
The purpose behind introducing this legislation is that it will reduce trade barriers by creating a level playing field for companies wishing to sell their vehicles in Europe.
Currently EU member states have different approval schemes, so manufacturers may need to have their vehicles approved to each county’s standards – however with the homologation status, this will no longer become a barrier to entry.
All machines sold by Timberwolf will now hold a Certificate of Conformity as part of the homologation process – homologation simply refers to the process of assuring compliance to legislation or regulations by an individual or an organisation.
Timberwolf have invested a considerable amount of resource, time and money into the lengthy compliance procedure, with numerous tests and adaptations being made to the Road Tow machines to ensure that they are still of the optimum performance and quality,
whilst also improving safety on the road.
The improvements include new rain flaps, anti-trap bars and reflectors, plus some less visible changes such as the VIN number stamped into the chassis, and are designed to
comply with the new legislation.
From 29th October 2012, no Road Tow vehicle or trailer will be able to be sold without a Certificate of Conformity
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