New range for UK …..Climbing plant trellis system

GreenBlue Urban has launched a new range of climbing plant trellis systems into the UK market. These quality, German engineered plant trellising systems are manufactured from durable, marine-grade materials, providing designers and architects with a robust and cost-effective alternative to living walls.
Climbing plants are a practical and economical way to improve both the attractiveness and the environmental footprint of new or existing buildings. The firm recommends a number of different climbing plant species for use with their systems, all of which provide the full range of benefits that are commonly associated with healthy green infrastructure. These include improvements to local air quality, creation of habitat for wildlife and enhanced aesthetics.
GreenBlue Urban also claims a number of additional benefits over planted living walls. Chief among these is flexibility. Trellising can be mounted horizontally or vertically, linked between buildings to create shaded areas or used architecturally in conjunction with support posts to create free standing walls, pergolas and arches. Another benefit of a trellis systems is the insulating properties. When trellising is mounted on buildings the climbing plants are held away from the walls and a ‘pocket’ of air is created between two. This creates a thermal bridge between the wall surface and the air beyond the plants, providing superior insulation to that offered by conventional green walls and improving the energy efficiency of the building to which the system is fitted.
Another important advantage of the GreenBlue Urban system is the ease of maintenance for landscaping professionals and building owners. Plants are easy to look after or replace as necessary. If access to the building walls is required then brackets are simple to remove and remount.

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