HikiYuri White……Dick Blom Nursery

Dutch-based Nursery Nursery Dick Blom has announced the availability of the HikiYuri White Orchid. This rare plant was discovered in Taiwan by breeder Ton Hannink. The most remarkable aspect of this plant is that the flower is absolutely white, without any blue or pink shine. This is the only Tricyrtis known with such a white flower. The unique thing is the white flower in combination with very healthy green leaves. Other white flower Tricyrtis have problems with leaves as they become brown during the season. The leaves of this HikiYuri stay fresh green. The flower is pure white and has yellow stamens, which makes it a very nice combination. Plants are suitable for borders, balcony and terrace, grow best in shady areas and are winter hardy. They prefer pretty dry conditions in winter. TEl 0031 172-215597. info@dickblom.nl

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