Greetham Valley – In full control

Adi Porter, course manager at Greetham Valley Golf Club, has said that he is now in full control of thatch build-up since using the SISIS Rotorake TM1000.
“Over the past 21 years I have seen the percentage of thatch in the top 50mm rise from zero to 3.5, and I didn’t want this to continue, so I decided to look for a solution.”
“The criteria for me had to be about the machine’s performance in thatch removal and the cleanliness of the operation, but also it had to be productive. The SISIS TM1000 matched all of the above.”
The SISIS Rotorake TM1000 is a tractor mounted heavy duty scarifier and linear aerator and is un-rivalled when it comes to removing and controlling thatch. It includes a collector box and floating unit to follow ground contours and its contra-rotating reel throws debris forward ensuring a clean, consistent groove resulting in an excellent finish when the time comes to scarify.
“Since using the SISIS TM1000; the thatch in the top 50mm has reduced to three percent and I am now in full control. Another benefit has been better germination rates of the bent seed, which has allowed me to reduce sowing rates. And with us altering the direction of travel each time, the new seed integrates really well in the green.”
“The machine is more than capable of removing thatch down to 40mm, the collection works really well, and the speed across the green is very impressive, taking around 20 minutes to complete an average size green.”

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