Rolawn has spent this past winter extending their Profresh facilities.  The patented unique process that draws on a number of processes, including a vacuum, gas exchange and temperature controls, to extend turf shelf-life has proven to be very successful and subsequently made it extremely popular.  As a result investment has gone into refining the process further and increasing the system capacity.
By adding a third Profresh chamber, treatment capacity is increased by 75%. This will improve the consistency of turf by enabling more to be treated in a shorter time frame, which also helps greatly with efficiencies.  The chilled storage building that houses all three chambers can now also hold all treated turf right up until the point where it is loaded on to vehicles. This is another plus point aiding both the effectiveness and consistency of the turf and its keeping qualities.
Rolawn’s Sales and Marketing Director, Jonathan Hill told The Landscaper  “Profresh is revolutionising turf sales in the UK.  Healthy, high quality, virile, fast rooting turf is no longer the preserve of a ‘freshly harvested’ supply chain mentality.  We have proven Medallion treated with Profresh is of the same outstanding market leading quality many days after harvesting as it was on the day of delivery. The salient fact is it lasts longer in the roll in prime condition”
ROLAWN_More Profresh 02 03 2016.

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