Green Monster

Sheffield’s celebrated Meadowhall Shopping Centre has installed a completely new play area for children under 12 who visit the centre. As well as providing physical and social play, the new play equipment, supplied by Monster Play Systems, was chosen by the Centre as it reinforced the green ethos Meadowhall has embraced since it opened in 1992.

The new play equipment is made from 100per cent recycled plastics and 77 per cent recycled steel. Situated outside of the shopping centre, the whole area is shielded by a cover that protects the young people from rain when it’s wet, and eliminates 95per cent of the sun’s UV radiation when it’s sunny. It is also finished in the shade of green that matches the centre’s colour scheme, so it blends visually into the environment.

The new play area includes a BigToys Rambler unit with a PlayPod Maze and a Junior Syncro Spinner to challenge the adventurous, and a Xylophone Panel for the more tuneful. The ‘Monster Play Area’ is named after the company that designed and installed the equipment and is covered with a soft surface made from recycled rubber to minimise scuffs and scrapes for the young people playing on the equipment.

Marco Boi, sales and marketing manager, Monster Play Systems
Tel: 01923 811591 e-mail:

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