Good vibrations

A new independent vibration test, conducted in April, has confirmed ECHO’s position as one of the leading manufacturers of low-vibration power tools.
All manufacturers, as part of their declaration of conformity, provide vibration figures for the products they sell. These tests are often conducted by the manufacturer and within the confines of a factory test facility.
With a duty of care to their employees, local authorities and other larger bodies may seek independent verification of vibration figures as part of their own risk assessment process. UK distributors of ECHO power tools, Countax have commissioned an independent test to provide customers with a report on the best performing products.
As one of the leading consultants in Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) testing for local authorities, Fivesquared were appointed by Countax to conduct HAV testing on a range of brushcutters, hedgecutters and power blowers. All tools were tested in-operation, cutting or blowing material at full throttle and in ‘real-life’ conditions.
The results from the independent test reaffirmed ECHO as an industry leader in low vibration technology. The SRM-265TESU, was rated at just 3.9m/s2. This 25.4cc ECHO brushcutter utilises a new gear housing to provide up to 50% more torque. With this cutting power, a light-weight construction and vibration-reducing technology, the SRM-265TESU is a firm favourite for commercial operators nationwide.
The PB-265ESL back-pack blower also excelled in the test. The compact model was measured with a vibration level of just 1.5m/s2. Such a low level of vibration falls under the HSE’s set threshold of 2.5m/s2, effectively meaning that the blower can be used indefinitely without any time limitation.
The vibration report is available on request from Countax. Tel 01844 278800.

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