Elbow grease only…..DMMP

DMMP has introduced a new compact push sprayer which requires nothing more than a little gentle ‘elbow grease’ to power it. The Ev-n-Spred S15 features a patented gear pump which is driven by its 25.4cm pneumatic-tyred wheels. The sprayer therefore doesn’t require any batteries or even an engine. Once the user starts pushing the sprayer, it powers itself and is capable of spraying in excess of 1.5m or as narrow as 60cm. “The Ev-n-Spred S15 is also lightweight so easy to push,” explains DMMP’s managing director Marcus Palmer. “The design has also given the user helpful options, so you can adjust the height or type of the nozzle or use a spray gun accessory for spot treatment.”
“The fully-assembled Ev-n-Spred S15 gives us all the benefits of EarthWay’s extensive experience so we can be confident we have made a sound investment that we can use for many years to come.”
The EarthWay Ev-n-Spred S15 retails at £295 plus VAT
0845 643 9776 or visit
DMMP are the UK agents for US-based EarthWay manufacturers

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