Gold medal

The Shibaura ST318 Compact Tractor was called into action recently during the Beijing Olympics, to help prepare the Olympic Stadium playing surface for the football final.
Four days prior to the final it was felt that the playing surface was far too hard for the game to go ahead and the decision was taken to aerate overnight on Tuesday August 18th. With field athletic events due to take place the next morning, swift remedial action was called for.
The Shibaura ST Compact range gives a range of power options, from the 18hp mechanical transmission, 3 cylinder water cooled diesel driven ST318 to the 24hp ST324 and 33hp ST333 both with hydrostatic transmission. The ST324 and ST333 models deliver high and low ratios, rear and mid PTO (independent lift is offered with the ST333) 4 wheel drive, power steering, cruise control and roll bar. An optional Cab and comfort heater package is also available. Tel 0845 3890609

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