Garden designer and landscaper launch #TimeForTurf campaign to encourage homeowners to stop using artificial grass

Artificial grass has become extremely popular across the UK, with homeowners across the country looking for a beautiful and low maintenance alternative to natural turf. Although the negative environmental impacts have been documented, two business owners want to inform consumers how most of the benefits attributed to artificial grass are simply incorrect or myths. Standing apart from other awareness campaigns, these women want to offer solutions for both consumers and landscaping contractors.

Specialising in garden design, Charlotte Howard reached out to Paula Warman of Aura Landscapes and The Landscaper’s Circle to discuss how they can make an impact on the cause they are both so passionate about. The #TimeForTurf campaign now offers consumers a free report on Charlotte’s website that myth busts some of the claimed benefits and offers solutions for those looking for a solution that is easy to maintain.

“In my early years as a garden design, eco-friendly gardening wasn’t taught at college and it certainly wasn’t talked about in the media. In the last few years, things have changed dramatically for me and many others and awareness is slowly improving. However, the negatives of artificial grass for people isn’t reported. Although it’s reported by manufacturers as safe for kids, according to independent studies, injury risk rates on artificial sports pitches are 88% higher than natural turf. Not to mention the temperature of the plastic for pets, horrible smells and the regular cleaning that is still required. I am passionate about the both the environment and helping homeowners across the UK, by providing solutions in this report alongside the facts. You can’t beat the feel and look of a real grass lawn buzzing with bees and full of daisies, I couldn’t imagine growing up without that.” Charlotte Howard, Capability Charlotte

The campaign also offers designers and landscapers free, customisable resources to aid their conversation with clients when discussing artificial grass. These are available on The Landscaper’s Circle website.

“As a fellow contractor I get asked a lot to transform a garden using artificial grass. My standard response is to encourage them to go the natural route with turf. However, there are no materials to show our clients why natural turf is best. That’s why partnering with Charlotte on this is such a great opportunity. It gives us as contractors a report that we can give to clients to show them why natural turf is a better way. Plus, I have created various resources that help contractors have the conversation and improve awareness online.” Paula Warman, The Landscaper’s Circle & Aura Landscapes

You can discover facts and join the conversation by searching #TimeForTurf on social media. You can view the free consumer report at https://capabilitycharlotte.com/artificial-grass and you can view the contractor resources a thttps://thelandscaperscircle.co.uk/artificial-grass/

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