Frigid temperatures, snowfall and storms !

The winter of 2015/2016 could face one the most powerful El Niños in recorded history
El Niño is a climate anomaly occurring every two to seven years. As a result of passing trade winds, normal ocean currents undergo changes which, in turn, cause the waters of the eastern Pacific to warm. This warming of the ocean leads to a series of significant natural catastrophes.
Meteorologists have recently elevated the probability of an El Niño from 90 to 95 %, emphasising that the planet faces one of the most powerful El Niños since 1950, one which is expected to gravely impact global weather patterns.
Only on two occasions in the recorded past has El Niño reached similar proportions as expected this year – most recently, in 1997.
El Niño’s impact on the UK
As soon as the end of October temperatures below freezing and severe storms are likely to sweep over the United Kingdom. Emergency Services have already been instructed to prepare for a repeat of the devastating winter of 1961/62, when temperatures dropped to 20 degrees below zero.
Heavy snowfall is predicted toward the end of November, falling not only in the North, but spread over the UK and reaching into the South. According to the forecast of meteorologists  El Niño will bring weather similar to that experienced in the winter of 2009/2010. At that time severe snowfall wreaked chaos on transportation hubs, such as airports.
During the Christmas holiday period, in particular, passengers should ready themselves for lengthy travel times and delays, and even airport closures.
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