Etesia UK launches Donky electric wheelbarrow

Etesia UK has announced the launch of the new Donky electric wheelbarrow.

The environmentally friendly Donky electric wheel barrow has quickly become a popular choice for those responsible for landscape management with many green space managers praising the machine for making site work a lot easier.

The new Donky will offer its operators even more versatility with the ability to customise the electric wheelbarrow. The classic plastic tub can be removed and replaced with whatever is required for the task ahead. Users may choose to attach a wooden board for transport or assembly of work equipment, or alternatively they may opt for the all new tin tub which will ensure that it is even more robust.

The Donky also acts as a tool carrier; with its exclusive MRM tray and accessories, it will help in a large variety of jobs throughout the year from cleaning, landscaping, snow removal, transportation of liquids and work platforms. It allows the transport of bulky products (boards, cross member, closing fabric and reel), and provides a working surface at a suitable height. The Donky also features a tray emptying function which is achieved by a central lever, with unlocking and assistance.

With a powerful 1700 W engine, electronic advance management and two driving wheels with an agricultural profile, the Donky has an impressive capacity to move in difficult terrain. Unlike non-electric motorised wheelbarrows, users can enjoy up to two days of work without any harmful pollutants – in turn helping to protect the environment.

Working and moving in complete silence, the Donky electric wheelbarrow can move up to 250 kg or 180 Litres (400L with the boards) in one trip. With a tank integrated in the tray and a 1″ valve, it can carry 85 Litres of water or liquid and a spray hose can be connected to it.

This versatile machine can be used in many areas including building and landscaping sites, breeding farms, transport activities, snow clearing, green space maintenance, vegetable farming and plant nurseries.

Furthermore, the hourly cost of use of an Etesia Donky wheelbarrow is approximately £0.03 meaning that the operator will notice significant savings when compared to a fuel based wheelbarrow

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