Environmentally friendly approach to controlling hedgerows

The Gianni Ferrari 2-side reach arm hedgecutter offers a real alternative to the common flail models. It brings with it an environmentally friendly approach to controlling hedgerows.
A sickle bar replaces the flail action which is so often blamed for the dramatic ripping apart of hedges. The effect is an effecient, clean and far less drastic cut which reduces disturburance of the resident wildlife to an absolute minimum.
The cutting system uses a sickle bar with reciprocating blades to produce a scissor–like sharp, neat cut. The “SCH Schumacher” teeth produce a low impact but efficient, clean cut on branches up to 3cm diameter while protecting small tiny branches by slicing through them rather than tearing them apart. Unlike tractor mounted hedge cutters, the Gianni Ferrari hedge cutter is fully integrated on the front of Gianni Ferrari Turbo Loader traction unit. It offers greater visibility, comfort and safety with the advantage of the operator always looking forward – not over his shoulder. He can anticipate and control the cutting line and action from the drivers seat using the joystick.
An extended reach will cut up to 710 cm using the vertical bar and 588 cm with the horizontal bar.
Fitted as standard, the articulated reach arm allows the hedge trimmer to work on both sides of a hedge, cutting both right and left sides with ease.


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