Enviromat’s Sedum Roof System …. ALL-IN-ONE!

Enviromat’s Sedum Roof System is specifically designed for flat and shallow pitch roofs and weighs in at a meagre 44Kg/m² in its water saturated condition.
One of the best features of the Enviromat system is that it is rolled out straight on to root resistant waterproofing – this is due to the system’s unified configuration of lightweight substrate, a filter sheet that prevents the substrate fines from washing away, and a moisture retention layer which holds water immediately after rainfall to allow the sedums more time to take up water.
This complete system differs from other sedum mats which require landscaping components to be installed separately before the vegetation is then placed on top.
All green roofs need maintenance to keep the plants healthy, and Enviromat’s extensive sedum roof is no exception, however, because of the system’s distinctive design and the shallow substrate depth, which doesn’t support plants with a large root structure requirement, maintenance is limited. The plants need a slow release granular feed in the spring to ensure they offer maximum benefits to wildlife, providing nectar rich flowers for pollinating insects and a good habitat for invertebrates, and autumn maintenance requires checking the roof drainage is fully functional and removing unwanted plants, particularly those with aggressive root systems which would otherwise damage the waterproofing.
Enviromat can also manage the maintenance of green roofs so that the building owner can keep the vegetation healthy without the challenge of accessing the roof top safely and securely. Preliminary research suggests that rainwater runoff is slower from a well maintained sedum roof than one that isn’t; so reducing the levels of rainwater entering the drainage system which can help older and often inadequate sewerage systems that are prone to being engulfed and overflow.
The all-in-one sedum roof system is a way forward for landscapers and architects wanting a low maintenance, lightweight, easy to install green roof.
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