25 Green Flags!

John O’Conner provide specialist grounds maintenance services across the UK.
The firm have supported their clients and local community groups to achieve 25 Green Flags across their contracts, bringing considerable social, safety and environmental benefits to the local neighbourhoods.
The Green Flag scheme, which was launched in 1996, has done a huge amount to raise the standard of parks and green spaces in England and Wales. These days it is managed by a consortium comprising Keep Britain Tidy, the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, and GreenSpace.
“We are delighted to have successfully retained our Green Flag Award status for our clients. These results have been achieved by working in partnership with our clients and local communities to enhance our parks and open spaces. Well done to all our grounds maintenance teams for delivering consistently high standards and participating in volunteer projects to promote the health and wellbeing of our park users.” Says Neil Cain, John O’Conner Operations Director and National Green Flag Awards Judge
green flag

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