Eliminate them ! Dyofix Town End (Leeds)

Textile dye manufacturer Town End (Leeds) plc has developed a unique product to open new markets and grow its business during tough times for the textile trade.
The £4m turnover company, founded in the 19th Century has developed the environmentally friendly ‘Dyofix’ range of algae inhibitors – lake and pond dyes that eliminate the build up of algae and improve the quality of water for wildlife.
Town End (Leeds) plc’s remarkable diversification into supplying its unique lake and water dyes started a few years ago when it supplied Kew Gardens with bulk orders of its completely safe food dyes to colour the lakes at the world famous gardens. Following successful testing by the gardeners at Kew, who remain customers, the company invested in developing a range of blue and black dyes especially for the horticultural sector.
When the blue and black dyes are added to bodies of water, the change in colour, although hardly noticeable to the human eye, filters the UV rays that fuel the build up of green algae and weeds. As well as turning water pea green, algae can be very harmful to fish and other wildlife, and creates unsightly scum, the bane of any gardener with even a small pond.

Tel: 0113 256 4251
Email: sales@dyofix.com
Website: www.dyofix.co.uk

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