Eliminate it

Concerns have also been raised recently over possible health and hygiene risks from contaminants trapped in the infill of synthetic pitches. Charterhouse Turf Machinery, supplier of an extensive range of synthetic pitch maintenance equipment and maintenance specialist contractor Mark Pashley are currently working together with a specialist sports laboratory on analysing the material removed from synthetic pitches.
For facilities with synthetic pitches, maintaining the sand or rubber crumb infill is an essential part of groundscare, both to provide continued playability and ensure maximum life for the synthetic surface. Compacted surfaces will result in increased wear and difficult playing conditions.
Sports ground managers have identified a need to lift the infill material after a period of time, in order to rejuvenate the playing surface by introducing new infill material.
Charterhouse Turf Machinery has introduced the Eliminator after a three year development and trial programme, designed to aid the renovation of synthetic surfaces by removing the infill, to allow replacement with new clean material.
A complete machine, the Eliminator lifts out ALL of the infill (rubber and sand) in the carpet using a rotating brush. It is then carried on a 60cm wide conveyor belt into a trailer, dumper or a one ton bulk bag for easy removal.
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