Bernhard and Company have introduced a specially selected range of new turf products –
This new product line-up features powerful Debris Blowers and Recirculating Turbo Vacs, which clear large areas of unwanted debris, clippings and leaves efficiently and effectively. Ready to be distributed nationwide and with a mark of distinction, the range will be easy to spot as it comes in Bernhard’s well recognized poppy red livery.
These debris blowers are designed to cope with clearing leaves and debris from large areas including sportsfields, golf course fairways and greens, car parks and roadways, landscaped areas, public green spaces and parks.
There are two distinct ranges – Tractor-mounted or Tow Behind
The new PTO Debris Blower comes in two models – the DB2700 and DB3600.
Tractor-mounted, these machines just require a minimum tractor rating of 20hp and 30hp respectively and connect to the tractor by a three-point hitch.
Sturdily constructed, these blowers are designed for professional use. Aerodynamic blower housings and fans ensure a quieter operation with the noise level at the operator’s seat just 81db and 94db.
New Recirculating Turbo feature a special recirculating air system, which minimizes dust and noise while dramatically improving pick-up performance.
Designed for professionals to use on sportsfields and large turf areas, these Turbo Vacs clear up in just one pass. And with added versatility these machines are also ideal for use on artificial turf surfaces, including those with granular rubber infill.
Three models feature in the range: the TV40 and TV60RE, which can be towed by most utility vehicles, and the tractor-mounted TV60RH.
With an eye for detail these models include an edge brush with interlocked nylon bristles that allows easy access for cleaning against fences, pavements and walls. Saving time, there is no debris left behind to be picked up by hand.
Offering dependable performance, all models feature a 25inch diameter abrasion resistant steel blower fan.

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