New price list …..Powered Solutions

Electric Powered Solutions have issued their new price list for the CityFort zero emission electric van and truck vehicles.
Several different body options are available on the base chassis, to suit a very wide range of uses such as in and around shopping centres for recycle waste and rubbish collection. The electric tipping body is also ideal for councils, contractors and landscapers for silent working in grounds maintenance and around parks, amenity and leisure areas.
The 48v electric engine has enough power to carry a 530kg payload and on a full charge it can travel up to 80 miles. The built-in charger is simply plugged in overnight, recharging the battery in eight hours.
The dimensions of the CityFort are such that it is ideal for narrow streets and drives and it can also be easily transported in a large van.
Tel 05600 759558
Built on a lightweight aluminium frame, the CityFort with electric tipping body and sides is available for a little over £22,000 .

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