Electric horsepower at The Helix

Falkirk Community Trust manages some of the most attractive parks in central Scotland, one of which is The Helix with its landmark horse sculptures, the Kelpies. Borne from an idea in 2003 to build an ecopark as part of the Falkirk Greenscape Initiative, transforming 350 hectares of land between Falkirk and Grangemouth, The Helix today connects sixteen local communities through extensive path networks. Fitting ideally with the ethos of an outdoor recreational ecopark, one of the service vehicles chosen by the Falkirk Council Fleet Services is a Polaris EV, the first true 4 x 4 electric UTV, which was supplied by local authorised Polaris dealer Agricar.
“Early on in the development of The Helix the design incorporated eco-friendly specifications such as LED lighting,” says Parks Supervisor Lucy Gillie, “and the whole aim is to ensure as a modern park we maximise our recycling. We do our own composting, any tree felling is sold on for firewood and the recycle bins are clearly labelled for visitors.” The Polaris EV is used by the park’s cleaners, park attendants and as a general runaround during the summer, becoming an adaptable 4×4 off-roader in the winter months, when it’s working in the woodlands and off the normal paths. “A million people passed through The Helix in the first year and it remains extremely popular today,” adds Lucy “and for us the Polaris EV is the vehicle of choice. Being electric it makes no noise and fits in well with the look and feel of what is a very aesthetic park.”
Symbolic of the sustainably enduring qualities the Helix stands for are the statuesque Kelpies, the Andy Scott sculptures of mythical water horses that reflect the heavy horses of industry and economy of the area, pulling wagons, ploughs, barges and coal ships that shaped its structural layout. As an analogy, today’s workhorse in the park, the Polaris EV is the epitome of clean, quiet and efficient power with unmatched range, quick acceleration and smooth off-road performance. And of course it’s driven by a strong 48V AC-induction electric motor that offers 30 horse power.
Polaris Britain: 0800 915 6720 www.polaris-britain.com

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