Dutch farmer milks rabbit

Dutch farmers are ready to start commercially milking rabbits, pending authorization from European authorities. —the genetically engineered rabbits would be milked to churn out a potentially lifesaving drug.
Developed by Netherlands-based biotech firm Pharming, the rabbits have been outfitted with a human gene that produces a protein called C1 inhibitor.
A drug made from the protein can be used to treat people with hereditary angioedema. People with this condition have naturally low levels of C1 inhibitor, which can result in episodes of severe swelling, similar to an allergic reaction. Untreated, angioedema can cause painful cramps and potentially fatal suffocation.
Unlike drugs that can be made synthetically in the lab, therapeutic proteins need to be made by biological processes, making transgenic animals a popular option.
A rabbit can produce an average of 120 milliliters of milk a day.

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