Don’t let worms spoil the lawn

During winter & early spring, worm casts are one of the main things that really frustrate gardeners who love their lawns. After a hot, dry summer which creates more thatch and dead grass, worm casts can become even more of a problem than normal.
Ignoring casts and squashing them flat with the mower or underfoot creates an uneven surface, smothers the grass and provides an ideal seed bed for weeds to grow on.
In recent years, products to control casting worms have been withdrawn from sale, but it is well known that casting worms do not like acid soils. When a soil acidifier is applied to the lawn the worms burrow deeper into the soil – without coming to any harm – and so reducing / eliminating the casts.
GreenacresDirect, the lawn specialists, produce two products to increase acidity and eliminate worm casts and incidentally improve lawn health, as an acidic soil makes nutrients more readily available to the grass. They are used whenever casting worms are active – normally autumn and spring.
Sulphurlawn Chips are a mini granular formulation, designed specifically for acidifying the soil under the lawn. They can be applied at monthly intervals to create the ideal lawn acidity – between pH 5.5 and 6.5
Sulphurlawn Spray-on has all the benefits of Sulphurlawn Chips, but its special water-on formulation makes it ideal for smaller lawns. It can be applied every two to four weeks as necessary. It is easy and convenient to use – simply sprinkle the sulphur directly into water, stir and apply.
Prevention is always better than cure and GreenacresDirect recommend that an application of either product is made before casts become a problem.

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