Cutting back…..AS-Motor

AS-Motor from Bühlertann has developed the AS 65 Scout to tackle troublesome, fast-growing saplings
The AS 65 Scout was developed on the basis of the AS 65 Allmäher, AS-Motor’s successful high-volume version of the meadow and scrub mower, and specially adapted to forest requirements. In comparison to the standard mower, it is equipped with larger wheels for more ground clearance, and improved terrain performance to negotiate the many roots on the forest floor. The mulching deck has been shortened and opened wide at the front, and the front wheel replaced by a runner at the side for improved pick-up of cuttings. A swept height-adjustable railing along the front of the mulch deck provides additional guidance for cuttings.
A new substantially reinforced blade concept is implemented to reliably shred unwanted saplings. The blade carrier is protected by a solid underride guard that also doubles as a cutting depth limiter. The AS 65 Scout is undeterred by obstacles like, for instance, deadwood or tree stumps. In comparison to other tools like brush cutters, for example, around three times the surface area can be tended in the same amount of time by the AS 65 Scout, thus reducing the man power required. This increased efficiency enables the forester to make best use of the very brief time frame allowed for young forest management. Saplings are shredded and integrated into the soil as mulch on the spot, thus dispensing with any transportation of cuttings for disposal elsewhere.

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