Living Pools……Biotop

Traditional pools have to be drained every year but this is not the case for the new generation of pools by the Austrian manufacturer and pioneer of natural pools
Together with its partners all over Europe – six partners are located in the UK – they promote the idea and the pleasure of swimming in natural pools as well as in biological pools.
Conventional pools requiring regular chlorination are emptied and filled again in early summer. For each pool this requires an average of 50,000 litres of water. Given that there are approximately 230,000 pools in the UK, this results in a volume of water that meets the drinking water consumption of the city of London for more than ten days, namely 11.5 billion litres of water. Year after year this volume of water is wasted on filling up swimming pools in the UK.
Thus, to reduce the waste of the precious resource that is drinking water, and furthermore so that people no longer have to swim in water laden with chemicals, Biotop has developed the “Living Pool”: the pool is filled a single time and is constantly cleaned by the bio-filter especially developed by the company, and operates entirely without chemicals.
The bio-filter withdraws phosphorus from the water, and thus deprives the algae of their sustenance. The water stays natural and alive. The water can remain in the pool year round and does not need to be changed. This saves a lot of drinking water. The system is also suitable for the conversion of a conventional swimming pool into a biological pool.
More than just the huge saving in drinking water, the many problems caused by chlorine speak in favour of a biological pool: chlorine aggravates skin conditions such as atopic eczema, as chlorine damages the skin barrier. In addition to skin irritation, eyes become red and inflamed and hair dries out, becoming dull and lifeless. Dyed hair can be affected and frequent swimming in chlorinated water causes skin to become very dry and require the use of intensive skin care products.
“A rapid rethink is necessary when it comes to the use of water resources,” Biotop CEO Peter Petrich is convinced. “Fortunately, the environmental awareness in Europe is strong and more and more people want to swim without chlorine – thus the problem of the water shortage will solve itself all on its own. “

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