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New from Broadwood International the RMX 360. As it’s name suggests the 360 has 3.6m working width, meaning that sports pitches, parkland and any large areas of grass are ‘cut in record time’. As with the other models in the RMX range, the RMX 360’s precision blade tips travel at speed to give a premium quality finish to sports and amenity turf. In recent trials an RMX 240 (2.4m model) ‘cut a full size soccer pitch in a very impressive 12 minutes’[ says a spokesperson for Broadwood

Road, gateways and access points are negotiated with ease, thanks to the folding side wings, which reduce the overall width of the RMX 360 to just 2.4m. This makes transportation easy and hassle-free, and allows the RMX 360 to get into areas that other mowers can’t touch.

One key advantage of the ProLine RMX series over against traditional a cylinder mower is the simple replacement of worn blade tips. Whereas the cylinder mower requires time-consuming and tedious set-up and regrinding of cylinder blades, the ProLine RMX’s blade tips can be simply replaced when worn, making the mower not only extremely cost-efficient, but far quicker to get back in use again. However, even given the quick blade replacement time, operators are unlikely to be without a mower for long as the blade tips include a new feature called zone hardening. During manufacture the GoldCut blade tips receive an additional treatment that gives increased hardening to the cutting edge. This ensures a much longer service life than a standard blade, setting the ProLine RMX even further ahead of the competition.

The ProLine RMX is currently available in 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m and 3.6m versions with on-site demonstrations available.

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