Lantra Sector Skills Council is asking horticulturalists, gardeners, growers and landscapers to participate in an extensive review examining roles, skills and responsibilities of those working across all aspects of amenity and production horticulture.
Those professionals with a keen involvement in the industry are being asked to complete an online survey as part of the industry’s job skills, or in education speak, National Occupational Standards (NOS) review. From 30 January to 24 February 2012, Lantra will run a UK-wide online consultation to find out more details about the activities carried out by workers in the industry.
NOS are a collection of job roles and tasks that describe what someone needs to do, know and understand to do a specific job competently. Responsible for the development and maintenance of our industries’ NOS, we work closely with you to ensure that they are kept up-to-date and reflect current best working practices.
David Winn, Lantra’s Horticulture Manager said: “The Standards form the foundation of future horticulture qualifications, so by sharing your expertise today you will be improving the workforce of tomorrow. They are also helpful to businesses as they help employers identify the skills their employees’ need, highlight best practice, develop training plans and assist in the construction of job descriptions.”
NOS are an essential tool for any size business. They help to identify skills gaps and find the most relevant training and learning. This can help businesses with continuous professional development of both managers and the workforce.
David added: “For the first time, the Standards will include aspects of production and amenity horticulture, so we need professionals from all disciplines to get involved to pass on your expertise to make sure your ways of working are accurately reflected. These standards are only updated every three to five years, so get involved if you want to make an impact.”
Jenny Smith, Lantra’s Standards and Qualifications Project Manager said: “These Standards cannot be developed without your help. Only by working together can today’s professionals make sure that the revised Standards will take into account any new business practices and make them fit for purpose and valued by all.”
To take part in the online consultation visit If you have any questions about the upcoming review, please email
or call 02476 858 424.

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