Cool, calm and collecting leaves

ECHO have announced the introduction of a new backpack power blower available for professionals. The new PB-580 is ECHO’s most comfortable to date with a host of new features that enhance operator comfort and help reduce fatigue.
A new, ventilated backpack pad is designed to keep the operator cool even when the Stage 2 compliant 58.2cc engine is running at maximum revs. Four anti-vibration springs and padded shoulder straps provide increased support for the operator’s back to make this blower more comfortable to use for longer periods; in turn increasing productivity and seeing faster clearance of leaves and debris. The blower’s handle has a newly designed palm rest and hand stop, to reduce the chances of the operator’s hand slipping down the handle and losing control. The blower has a longer trigger for increased throttle precision.
An important factor for the operator in the field is being able to maintain a blower with minimum down-time. The ECHO PB-580 has an air filter cover that can be removed without the need for tools, allowing the pleated automotive-style air filter to be easily replaced if needed. There is also easier access for tightening the throttle cable which is a time-saver.
It’s no good having a blower that gets clogged and the PB-580 has a leaf guard to eliminate clogging of the fan and filter. Another neat and important feature is the metal ring at the end of the straight or curved pipe which helps prevent damage from general wear and tear.

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