Hanson Formpave has secured a contract to supply 4,500m2 of paving for the car parking and pedestrian zones at the new offices of Severn Trent Water in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
The 2,000m2 car park will be constructed using EcoGraniteTM Aquasett. This market-leading sustainable paving system incorporates a permeable paver, EcoGranite, which has strong environmental credentials, being manufactured from up to 77% recycled content, and the company’s Aquaflow water management system.
The remaining 2,500m2 will comprise of EcoGranite ChartresTM, which will create the pedestrian zones and hard landscaping areas.
Severn Trent’s Tony Wray told The Landscaper“As one of the UK’s largest water suppliers we are dedicated to the provision of reliable, high quality drinking water. Coupled with this is our commitment to sustainability and safe, sustainable drainage. Permeable paving systems such as Aquaflow are helping us achieve this. By implementing the Aquaflow system we can ensure that all water discharged from this office is pH neutral; helping us lead by example.”

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