Continuous development

STM Co Ltd in Warwickshire represent SCAG grasscutting machinery in the UK and Europe, so much so that they were given the award International Distributor of the Year by SCAG in 2016.
SCAG maintain a policy of continuous development for their grasscutting machinery and debris clearance Giant Vac product range, and a significant series of changes come with the arrival of the Turf Tiger 2, to take the place of the long-running Turf Tiger ride-on model.
As well as improvements like extra strength for the double-tube steel frame, increased fuel tank capacity and heavy duty oil cooler – it’s all about the operator. There’s an improved deck drop and height adjustment system that’s coupled with improved legroom – and a foot pedal brake. There’s a new Tiger-Eye digital control panel for quick and easy information access; also the Suspension Seat system is rubber iso-mounted. There’s also a thoughtful idea for ease of transportation at the end of a hard day with the introduction of tie-down eyes, part of the front caster mechanism.
The machines are now available – with a diesel-engined 25HP demonstrator currently doing the rounds in the UK.

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