Clever solution!

The meander board 30/60  is a clever solution and a patented system for water retention on green roofs using an innovative new drainage board called Meander.
The principle behind this patented system is as simple as it is effective – water flows along a winding route from one chamber to another, just like a naturally meandering river or stream.
During heavy rainfall the chambers of the board are filled with water and it passes from one chamber to the next causing a long delay in the discharge of excess water. The meander board is available in 30 or 60mm height.
With a standard drainage board, water is stored in individual pockets in the board until a certain level is reached with excess water then draining through small holes in the board to the water storage mat below.
With a Meander board in the green roof build-up water is stored in a temporary reservoir and discharged very slowly, the rate to some extent depending on the gradient of the roof.
As an example, during a peak rainfall event, on a roof with a 2 degree fall, and a 60mm depth of substrate up to 99% of the rainfall can be retained using a Meander 30 board.
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Optigreen Meander 30 Board

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