Class of 009

"The Posts were inspired by walking along the disused railway embankment at the edge of the site and through the woodland in the local area. A random scattering of tree branches becomes a tightly order pattern of railway sleepers. This explores the transition of wood from its natural state (i.e. trees) to a controlled man-made commodity (railway sleepers) and represents the influence mankind has on the natural landscape."
Oz Dolphin, Garden & Landscape Design
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The Inchbald is an independent school offering post graduate degree, diploma and certificate courses in garden and interior design.
The projects and coursework are based on real situations involving the kind of practical constraints encountered in the world of work.
The class of 009 presented their projects in a first class exhibition staged at Cadogan Hall in London .
The work was both practical and creative and the students demonstrated that they would be able to make a valuable contribution to any project.

Tel 0207630 9011

This years garden design graduates included:

Stuart Barfoot
Elizabeth Chillingworth
Oliver Dolphin
Nigel Jones
Diana Kaganova
Nicholas Solomou
Joanna Fairclough
Suzanne Hind
Anneka Thom

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